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Now listing ingredient information
We are working on supplying our guests with ingredient information on our menu items. Please look under "more info" and click on "nutrition and ingredient information" This is still work in progress but many of our items are currently posted. Thank you.
Coming Soon SUBWAY
Have you wondered about the construction you have seen in the UH Cafe seating area? Well we are happy to announce that our new SUBWAY Store will be opening the week of April 21st! Hope to see you there.
Administrative Professionals Day
April 23rd is a great day to recognize your favorite Administrative Professional! Gift Cards available in the Cafe Cash Office!
Extendend Grill Hours Starting January 16th
Thank you for your feedback and we want you to know that WE HEARD YOU. On 1/16/14 the 3rd Grill Window will stay open until 5pm (previously closed at 1:30). We will offer Quesidillas, Steak Chimichuri, Chicken Tenders, Fries, Hot Dogs and a Daily Special. We hope that you will come and visit us.
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