One Call Does It All

The Service Response Center (SRC) is a call center for some ancillary departments that work directly with clinicians in all patient care areas.  These areas include: Food Services, Environmental Services, Clinical Engineering (Equipment Distribution), International Patient Services (IPS), Biomedical Waste, Patient Visitor Relations, Shred-It, and Pest Control. 


The SRC answers calls for these departments, dispatches the work orders, tracks the progress, confirms completion, and provides a log of turn around time.  In addition, the SRC supports these departments in administrative areas.  The SRC staff track call outs, fields staff personal and emergency calls, provides the menu line for the dining venues, and completes data entry for tracking of floor stock, tray delivery times, tray tracking by unit, weekly meal stats, equipment distribution, and project work.


In order to complete these tasks, the SRC staff utilizes the Interserv System for Food Services, TeamChimes System for EVS, Lotus Notes System for Clinical Engineering, and CBORD system for diets and menus for patient care.  The SRC staff has functional responsibility over monitoring the operation of the CBORD and Interserv Systems.  This includes troubleshooting of system problems, maintaining computer servers, maintaining security design plans, HIPPA compliance, and escalating issues as needed. 


In the present state, SRC is open for 17 hours per day (5am – 10pm), 7 days per week.  Our slogan states “One Call, Does It All”.


The SRC staff can provide consistent feedback and tracking to support necessary changes to practices that will improve the delivery of service to our customers and ultimately, our patients.

Service Response Center (919) 681-2727

Curtis Lilly
Service Response Manager
Phone: (919) 684-2244
Fax: (919) 681-3504